World Cup 2018: All you need to Know
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World Cup 2018: All you need to Know
Date : August 09,2018
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The 2018 World Cup is already here with us. There is a lot of anxiety and especially among soccer betting fans and below is a short summation of some of interesting highlights that are most likely to occur at the 2018 World Cup:

Who Could Win the World Cup?

Brazil is one of the strongest football teams around the world. The country has won the world cup a total of five times followed closely by Italy and German at four. Apart from the World Cup, the team is currently topping the table with five tournament wins. It is worth noting that there is no country outside of Europe and South America that has been lucky enough to win the world Cup.

Who Will Score the Most Goals?

German players are among the most talented when it comes to scoring in soccer. For example, Miroslav Klose has the highest score of 16 across four World Cups. Although the player retired back in 2016, he will be in Russia to represent his country as a backroom staff.

England May Struggle Although They Will Dominate the Premier League

Since 1966 when they easily won, England has only gone past the quarter-finals once. This has however not discouraged the spirit of other countries who are always willing to fill their squads with soccer players from the leading English leagues.

How Does The Host Team Do?

Brazil has been privileged to have hosted the World Cup twice. The first time in 1950, their performance was not very impressive and they lost to their competitor, Uruguay. However, things went from bad to worse in 2014 when they hosted the World Cup and were beaten by Germany 7-1.

However, most host teams are known to get a boost from home support and so far, six countries - Argentina, England, Uruguay, Italy, France, and Germany - have won the trophy as hosts.


Germany is one of the best in scoring and this includes penalties as well. The team has won all four shootouts they have been in without a loss. England, on the other hand, has lost all three shootouts they've been in making them one of the poorest performers in penalties.

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